Friday, October 25, 2013

How to Cure the Common Cold, Allergies, Asthma and Sinus Problems

If you have any sort of sinus or breathing related health issues from allergies to asthma to the common cold, Neti Pot cleansing and Pranic breathwork might just be a lifesaver.  Neti Pots are like tiny teapots made specially for your nose and Pranayama is the ancient vedic science of proper breathing.  Several of my Yoga students have experienced some rather miraculous healing through these modalities.  They have completely cured or significantly reduced allergies, asthma, headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, snoring and stuffy/runny noses simply with a regiment of sinus cleansing and breathwork.  I personally haven't had a case of the common cold since beginning my Neti Pot cleansing and Pranayama practice many years ago.  The following video is from health expert Markus Rothkranz on the benefits and how to use a Neti Pot:

Upon completing the Neti Pot cleansing, to really clear your sinuses and open your breathing passage, next you should do at least 10 minutes of the Nadi Purification Breath (also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing).  This technique will help further open your sinuses, clear the mucus and equalize the left/right nostril's inhalation rate.  Inhale slowly and deeply into the abdomen through the left nostril while plugging the right.  Then plug the left nostril and fairly forcefully exhale the entire breath out your right nostril.  Squeeze your core muscles to expel every last bit of air, keep the left nostril plugged, inhale through the right then exhale through the left, and continue alternating back and forth like this.  Regular Alternate Nostril Breathing reduces stress, boosts energy, clears the sinuses, cleanses the lungs, increases oxygenation of blood, improves sleep, calms the mind/emotions, and has been scientifically proven to improve brain function. When used in conjunction with a Neti Pot cleansing it's like a complete enema for your head/sinuses!